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Educational & Media Partners

American Regent

Sponsored by American Regent, Inc., manufacturer of Adequan® i.m., the only FDA-approved polysulfated glycosaminoglycan (PSGAG), and BetaVet®, the only dual-ingredient corticosteroid (betamethasone acetate and betamethasone phosphate injectable suspension) for horses.


As the global leader in equine health, Boehringer Ingelheim's main goal is to improve equine patients' health and quality of life. We are dedicated to providing the latest product technology for the treatment and prevention of disease in horses. Learn more about our product portfolio and what we can offer the veterinary community.


CareCredit, a leader in veterinary financing for 25+ years, keeps equine veterinarians at the heart of care by helping clients manage the cost of their horse's care with simple, budget-friendly financing options. By bridging the gap between cost and care, CareCredit supports a healthy financial relationship between veterinarians and horse owners.


Cargill, Inc., a proud AAEP Educational Partner, manufactures and markets some of the world's most comprehensive lines of equine nutritional products, including brands like Nutrena®, Progressive Nutrition, ProElite and Legends. We provide over 80 years of experience and unmatched resources to bring advanced nutrition technology to you and your clients. Websites:,, and


Dechra Veterinary Products markets key equine products, including Osphos® (clodronate injection) for the clinical signs associated with navicular syndrome in horses. Orthokine® vet irap 10mL and 60 mL (ACS) device, Phycox®EQ Max Joint Supplement; and Equidone® Gel (domperidone) for the prevention of fescue toxicosis in periparturient mares as well as the Vetivex® full line of fluids.


EquiManagement (vet-facing) and EQUUS (vet- and owner-facing) are official Media Partners of the AAEP. Our parent company, Equine Network LLC, offers award-winning magazines, websites, digital platforms, social outreach, podcasts and industry-leading live events to make us your largest go-to partner in the equine industry. And we are growing!


Through its commitment to the Science of Healthier Animals™, Merck Animal Health offers veterinarians and horse owners one of the most comprehensive product lines in the equine industry. Backed by more than 70 years of innovation, the Merck Animal Health equine vaccine portfolio is known for its quality and safety, and its pharmaceutical line is trusted by veterinarians and horse owners to help manage pain and support performance.


For more than 20 years, the team at Platinum Performance has been focused on researching the role of nutrition in equine health and developing formulas to help veterinarians improve the health and performance of the horse. Platinum Performance remains committed to making sure that equine veterinarians have the powerful nutritional tools and information needed to benefit from cutting-edge equine nutrition and supplementation.


Purina is committed to innovative research in equine nutrition. With more than 90 years of research, 50 patents and a 60-acre equine facility that is home to over 75 horses, it's easy to see that Purina cares deeply about horses and their nutritional needs. Purina's equine team of five dedicated equine nutritionists and an equine veterinarian are committed to providing the very best nutritional support for horses of all ages and activity levels.


The Horse Media Group, LLC publishes The Horse: Your Guide to Equine Health Care, an award-winning montly magazine overseen by an editorial board of AAEP members and devoted to equine health, management and welfare. is an award-winning website with content from the magazine as well as additional news and features.


Zoetis, the leading animal health company, is focused on providing a diverse product portfolio to help predict, prevent, detect and treat a variety of equine conditions. Building on more than 65 years of animal health experience, Zoetis is committed to investing in further research and development in order to continuously provide innovative solutions to the equine community.



Convention Sponsors


For 50+ years, 3M Animal Care has been serving the animal health industry with high-quality products and services in the companion animal and equine marketplace. 3M acquired KCI, now expanding veterinary offerings to include Negative Pressure Wound Therapy products. For more information, visit our booth #900. or



AAEVT is a professional association whose membership is for all equine technicians, assistants and practice managers. The association provides relevant equine-oriented continuing education and training, hands-on experience, networking and communication, and practice management skills and knowledge for the entire equine support staff. Benefits of membership include discounted registration to the AAEP and AAEVT Regional Symposiums, quarterly newsletters, members-only website and email newsblasts, online CE, NTRA discounts, an equine certification program and the AAEVT Academy Specialty: Equine Veterinary Nursing.


ADM Animal Nutrition™ equine feed brands trace back to the late 1800s with MoorMan’s® GROSTRONG® equine vitamin/mineral supplement first produced in 1925. Our company was first to develop and promote the Forage First® concept that put horse feeding priorities in the right order. Our equine feeds and supplements focus on providing high-quality, research-supported nutritional products for horses of all life stages and performance levels. ADM is “Doing what’s right for the horse.”℠


Akorn Animal Health is a U.S. manufacturer of FDA veterinary approvals and human generics. Our specialty areas are: sterile injectable anesthetics, analgesics and sedatives, inhalant anesthetics and veterinary labeled Rx ophthalmic products. For over 50 years, Reliable, Trusted, Predictable!


Arenus® Animal Health is your source for quality, research-backed nutritional supplements for performance horses, including The Ultimate Digestive Aid- Assure® Guard Gold. Arenus also proudly offers Steadfast® Equine, Aleira®, Releira®, Eq-Well™ and Sore No-More® to support complete equine wellness.

Advanced Monitors Corporation

AMC sells innovative equine diagnostic and surgical devices. Our endoscope products include the 'plug and play' Tele-View USB Endoscope-Gastroscope, USB Racetrack Endoscope and our Dynamic Exercise Endoscope. AMC also sells the Tele-View Equine Dental Camera and the AMC Diode Surgical Laser. Please visit our exhibit to see all of these unique equine products!


The AVMA Trust, through AVMA LIFE and AVMA PLIT, offers unparalleled insurance programs and other services available to AVMA member veterinarians. From business and professional insurance, to life insurance and disability, and now retirement planning and employee benefits, the Trust is here to protect and support veterinarians and their families at every stage of their personal and professional lives.


Arthramid®Vet is labeled to treat all stages of OA and DJD in horses in the USA & manufactured in an FDA approved GMP facility. See us at AAEP to learn what makes Arthramid®Vet different and why it's the trusted PAAG of choice around the world. Manufactured & distributed by ContraVet LLC.


Covetrus is a global market leader in animal-health technology and services, dedicated to advancing the world of veterinary medicine and empowering veterinary healthcare teams across the companion, equine, and large-animal health markets. We provide a comprehensive suite of products, software, and services to help drive improved patient health, strong client relationships, and successful financial outcomes for veterinary professionals.

Diagnostic Imaging Systems, Inc.

Diagnostic Imaging Systems, privately owned since 1983, provides quality imaging equipment - DR Flat Panels, Portable X-Ray, CR Systems, Portable and Wireless Ultrasounds, Exam Tables, and more! DIS provides the best value with the best prices and industry-leading service and warranties. Come by the booth to see new Wireless Flat Panels starting under $20k!

E.I. Medical Imaging

For over 35 years, EIMI has been producing reliable, portable, veterinary ultrasound technology here in the U.S. The Ibex and EVO platforms are the latest evolution of rugged, lightweight units. We deliver great image quality and processing power in weather-resistant, versatile units that are appropriate for all practice types.


Endoscopy Support Services provides new and refurbished flexible endoscopes, equine gastroscopes, rigid endoscopes, and video processors; and AC and battery operated light sources. ESS also offers training and repair services on all makes and models of endoscopic equipment. Call (800) 349-3636 or visit our online store at


Every Farnam® product is backed by a deep commitment to animal health care dating to our founding in 1946. We offer an ever-expanding range of equine necessities, including fly control, deworming, grooming, hoof and leg care products, wound care treatments, leather care and stable supplies and supplements. Our reputation for innovative product development, thorough research, high production standards and competitive pricing has made us a dominant force in the pet care industry.


From behind-the-scenes experimental work for the U.S. Department of Defense to today's advanced ultrasound systems used around the globe, FUJIFILM SonoSite has been defining and redefining next-generation, durable, efficient point-of-care ultrasounds. 5-year manufacturer warranty and made in the USA, SonoSite ultrasounds excel in equine medicine with imaging, portability and durability.


Stress is the number one culprit for the disturbance in the equine gut microbiome! GlycoGuard is your solution, it’s a probiotic developed by vets, used to treat and/or prevent gastric issues in your horses and foals. Helps to boost the immune system, helps with weight gain and over all complete health gut. GlycoGuard is 100% drug free. A healthy gut is a happy horse! GlycoGuard is The official partner of Equine Champions. 


Hallmarq Veterinary Imaging is a global leader in innovative diagnostic imaging, providing safe, accurate and affordable solutions for veterinarians worldwide. With a passion for animal health, we’ve partnered with customers since 2000 to image over 100,000 animals in 24 countries and increased access to small animal and equine practices.



For more than 30 years, Hygain Feeds has been working to improve the health and performance of horses around the world. Hygain's equine-only feed mill in Melbourne, Australia produces a range of high-quality feed and supplements which are available throughout the USA. Let us show you our difference!


Kent Nutrition Group (KNG) is the maker of Kent and Blue Seal brand feeds. The Blue Seal brand of equine feeds offers an unparalleled lineup of textured, pelleted and pressure-cooked (extruded) products. We combine decades of experience with the latest research in equine nutrition to continually craft better ways to formulate our equine products. Whether a horse is a companion pet, broodmare, growing foal or competes in equine events, Blue Seal has a feed to provide the balanced nutrition to help them excel and maintain proper health.

Kentucky Equine Research

Kentucky Equine Research has been the world leader in equine nutrition and exercise physiology research for more than 30 years. Kentucky Equine Research consults with veterinarians, feed manufacturers, and horse owners, and develops innovative equine products and feed ingredients, including the KER Targeted Nutrition line of supplements.


KineticVet offers a wide range of products designed to provide researched and results-oriented solutions for equine and companion animals. EquiShield, a complete dermatology line, arms the veterinarian to treat a wide variety of skin conditions from infectious bacteria to allergies to insect bites. In addition to EquiShield, KineticVet has recently added to their product line, ArmourGuard RTU, a 90-day surface protection recently tested to effectively kill both Equine Herpes Virus and Human Coronavirus. Stop by to learn about KineticVet's growing arsenal of products for the veterinarian.

Modern Veterinary Therapeutics

Modern Veterinary Therapeutics is a veterinary pharmaceutical company with a portfolio of high-quality, competitively priced veterinary pharmaceuticals and diagnostics. Our U.S. product line includes the *NEW* DETOMIDINE HYDROCHLORIDE, Medetomidine Hydrochloride and Revertidine (antipamezole hydrochloride) Injections as well as Canine Heartworm, Canine Parovirus and Canine Parovirus-Cornavirus Antigen Test Kits.


Neogen’s Animal Health team is devoted to providing veterinarians and horse owners with the tools they need to keep horses healthy and safe. From our veterinary products like UNIPRIM®, EqStim® and BotVax® B to our extensive biosecurity line, you can trust Neogen to deliver effective disease prevention and treatment for your horse.


Support your patients and improve clinical outcomes by incorporating scientifically proven and tested nutrition supplements into your daily practice. The NutraWorks Equine product line is sold only through veterinarians and has been developed by Ph.D. equine nutritionists to promote overall health and well-being in horses by addressing their unique physiology and metabolism.

NVA Equine

For nearly 25 years, NVA has championed world-class veterinary care in general practice, specialty and ER, equine and pet resort services across the U.S., Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Singapore. We invest in leadership, doctors, teams and facilities, to cultivate a community of compassionate care for pets and their families.

One Place

Small company execution. Big company capabilities. Entrepreneurial spirit. With over 75 years of equipment finance experience, we are experts in serving veterinary clinics nationwide. We offer straightforward finance solutions, quick turnaround time and unparalleled customer experience so that you can focus on doing what you do best: helping your patients.


Patterson Veterinary Supply is one of the largest animal health companies in North America, providing products, technologies and solutions to equine veterinarians, livestock producers, large-, small- and mixed-animal veterinarians, and dealer/farm stores. Patterson Veterinary Supply, and sister company Animal Health International, a Patterson Company, distribute products including equipment, diagnostics, vaccines, pharmaceuticals and consumable supplies on behalf of more than 1,500 manufacturer-partners in animal health markets.


For a quarter century, PETS has been a world leader in the equine embryo transfer community. Our goal has been and remains your success through excellent customer service. We strive to keep the best quality products in stock for same-day shipping.


Qalibra provides a unique CT-imaging system for equine veterinarians focused on orthopedic conditions. The Qalibra system combines the unmet imaging quality of conventional high-end CT-scanners (up to 640 slice) with a moveable platform that allows imaging of the distal limb and head/neck without general anesthesia.

Rood and Riddle

With hospitals in Lexington, Ky., Saratoga, N.Y., and Wellington, Fla., Rood and Riddle Equine Hospital is a worldwide leader in equine veterinary healthcare. Rood and Riddle Veterinary Pharmacy is full-service, offering veterinarians the same premium compounded medications used on a daily basis by our veterinarians in both the field and hospital.


SmartPak has the products and programs you can feel good about recommending. From ColiCare™-- our $10,000 colic surgery reimbursement program-- to supplements backed by research, SmartPak has been your trusted partner for over 20 years. Come by the booth to learn more about the convenience of our supplements and services.


Antech has developed new platforms to address health conditions of veterinary patients through diagnostics. Antech has partnered with Sound®, creator of NEXT Equine DR and SmartRLT Regenerative Laser, is the exclusive provider of GE Ultrasound and Samsung CT in the US veterinary market.


Equithrive® develops and markets innovative products to support horse health and performance. The Equithrive® product line features our proprietary Resveratrol ingredient Resverasyn®, which has been clinically proven to reduce lameness, inflammation and oxidative stress in horses (Equithrive® Joint) and to support optimum metabolic function in horses (Metabarol™).


ThoroVet is an affordable, easy-to-use, comprehensive cloud-based practice management system, with access to all your medical records and billing, with a powerful Quickbooks® Online sync. Designed to work offline on farm calls- even without WiFi, right from your iPad. Created exclusively for Ambulatory Equine Veterinary Practitioners!


Founded in 1981 by veterinarian Scott Adams, VMRD is the principal provider of Coggins tests to U.S. diagnostic labs and produces the only approved equine piroplasmosis assays. As a worldwide leader in equine diagnostics, VMRD now offers a horse-side SAA test to directly serve veterinarians, with Foal IgG coming soon!


Absorbine® has been making quality equine health care products since 1892. Absorbine® is a worldwide leader in innovative, specialized animal healthcare brands, including Absorbine® Veterinary Liniment, UltraShield® fly control, ShowSheen® grooming, Hooflex® hoof care, and our newest Silver Honey® wound care products- all designed to enhance the quality and enjoyment of life for people and their animals.


Zarasyl equine utilizes regenerative silicate technology to create an ointment for the management of wounds and skin issues. Zarasyl works with the horse's own remarkable biology. Amorphous silica nanoparticles of the size and chemical character employed in Zarasyl are effective delivery vehicles for orthosilicic acid, the bioavailable form of silicon that favours wound healing. It is non-toxic, odorless, non-irritating, antibiotic free and steriod-free.


2021 Exhibitors

20/20 Imaging, a division of Minolta

20/20 Imaging, a division of Konica Minolta, is a leading provider for digital imaging solutions for veterinary. 20/20's portfolio includes the revolutionary MO-EQ self-contained equine digital imaging system. The HS2 POC ultrasound system uses the latest technology for the best image quality. Both are must-see imaging solutions for your practice!

Advanced Regenerative Therapies

Advanced Regenerative Therapies (ART) specializes in expansion of autologous stem cells for horses. The founders (Drs. Frisbie & Kisiday) working at CSU's Orthopaedic Research Center have numerous leading publications describing the efficacious use of stem cells for joint and tendon injuries demonstrating improved clinical outcomes as well as lower re-injury rates.

Advanced Technology Corporation

Advanced Technology Corp. (ATC) specializes in veterinary hospital (Vetstar) and laboratory (VADDS) management software. We're committed to excellence in veterinary health by providing clients with dependable software solutions that enhance the growing needs of their businesses. ATC is proud to offer Private Cloud options to our clients.

Alta Therapeutics


American Association of Small Ruminant Practitioners


With over 60 years of Sterilization Experience, Andersen Sterilizers is your Expert in low temperature sterilization. Our Innovative, award winning systems were designed based on customer feedback. Our sterilizers help thousands worldwide save lives, save equipment, and save money- with only 17.6 grams of EO per cycle. Do you EO?

Andover by Milliken

Andover by Milliken has been helping to improve animal lives for more than 40 years by providing veterinary practices and animal caregivers with quality cohesive bandages, dressings and tapes. Made in the USA, our equine product brands include PowerFlex, CoFlex Vet and VetTape. Visit our booth for free samples.

AniCell Biotech

AniCell Biotech, the pioneer in amnion-based technology, is a regenerative medicine company that extends the ACTIVE life of animals using off-the-shelf products to address performance osteoarthritis, tendons, ligaments, wounds and ocular tissue issues.

Animal Care Technologies

ACT Online Equine Team Training. Delivering quality training and keeping staff motivated is a common struggle for most equine practices. ACT Online Training provides an affordable, results driven training solution for every member of your team.  With ACT online courses in equine technical skills, safety, client service and team communication, implementing a training program in your practice is now both affordable and easy.

Animal Reproduction Systems

Animal Reproductive Systems is the leading manufacturer of equine artificial insemination equipment. Our breeding and foaling products are developed in cooperation with leading universities, private laboratories and successful horsemen to assure accuracy and effectiveness in your breeding programs. Rigorous quality control through university testing assures products you can trust.


Arthrex Vet Systems (AVS), a division of Arthrex Inc., provides veterinary surgical solutions, education opportunities and research investments designed to improve animal health. In collaboration with leading veterinary surgeons, AVS develops innovative products and techniques in the categories of arthroscopy,, joint restoration, ligament stabilization, orthobiologics and more.


ASPCA is aimed at improving equine welfare by increasing adoptions through The Right Horse Initiative, increasing safety net support, such as partnering with AAEP on the Vet Direct Program, and enhancing anti-cruelty efforts from boots-on-the-ground work to strong legislative efforts. Visit us to discover how you can get involved. 

ASPCA® Pet Health Insurance

Introducing the first-ever health insurance plans exclusively for horses from ASPCA® Pet Health Insurance! Plans are stand-alone - no mortality insurance required! Stop by our booth to learn how we can help your clients and practice. Call (877) 738-2677 or visit for a Lunch and Learn or free materials.

Aspen Lasers


Association of Certified Equine Therapies


Astaria Global LLC

Astaria Global is the leader in regenerative sciences focused on innovative treatments and therapies for the equine and companion animal markets. We have leveraged our proven success in the human market to introduce our newest products, Alpha2EQ, the safe and effective alternative to treating joint pain.

Asteris, Inc.

Asteris is an innovative corporation focusing on technology solutions for the veterinarian industry. Asteris features a full PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System), Telemedicine platform and a Radiology Information System. The Veterinary Communication Network enables veterinary practices, universities and clients to access and share medical data from anywhere in the world.



Asto CT offers a high-quality CT called Equina for diagnostic imaging specifically designed to meet the diverse needs of equine patients. With low radiation dose and simple positioning to scan limb pairs, and head and neck, Equina safely images standing, sedated equine patients in minutes with ease.


Aurora products are proudly made in the USA and backed by more than thirty years of experience in veterinary practice. Headquartered in Northfield, MN, Aurora Pharmaceutical, Inc. is a FDA-inspected veterinary pharmaceutical product development and manufacturing company. The team at Aurora aims to provide customers with products that maximize animal health, and we look forward to the opportunity to speak with you about how our products can help you achieve your goals. Stop by our booth to learn more about our line of equine products. 

Avante Animal Health

Avante Animal Health, formerly DRE Veterinary, is your source for new and professionally refurbished medical equipment. We offer full lines of veterinary-specific equipment that include: Anesthesia Machines, Vital Signs Monitors, Tables, Lighting, and much more. Avante offers calibration services and biomedical field services programs, performance verification and parts.


Avanti understands the business of Equine Veterinary Medicine and is dedicated to supporting the profession through excellence in medicine, business management and forward-thinking growth. By building a national network of equine veterinary practices founded on the principles of mentorship, trust and strategic growth, we can help preserve our equine veterinary industry and help it evolve into the future.

BET Labs

With 35 years’ experience, 6,000 customers, Free Consultation and Endocrinologist on Staff, BET Lab Endocrine Diagnostics aids in Diagnosis of Lactational Anestrus, Fetal Well Being, Placentitis, Pregnancy Confirmation, Ovarian Tumors, Persistent CL, Testicular Degeneration, Cryptorchidism, Cushing’s and Metabolic Syndromes, Insulin Resistance, Thyroid Monitoring and Behavioral/Performance Issues related to Hormone Imbalance.


Experience the comfort and versatility of the wireless, ergonomic BiLumix Shadowless Headlamp! No more pressure on doctors' noses! Wider field of view with our 1.5x lens! Variable working distance with our telescopic 2.5x and 4.0x loupes!


Bimeda® is a leading global manufacturer of animal health products and pharmaceuticals. We are committed to providing market-driven, high-quality products to veterinarians and horse owners. Polyglycan®, Equimax®, Tildren® and OvaMed® are a few of our many products. Come by our booth to learn more and enter for a chance to win free products and a special AAEP prize!

BioEz Health

Proven Solutions for Equine Health & Wellness via Probiotic Microbials and BioEnzymes. Beyond solving diarrhea with our VF Paste… Digestive Health Maintenance optimizes Immunity, Condition, Prevention and Recovery. Palatable Formulas that work… for Veterinary and Everyday Equine. Affordably Priced including Margins. Made in USA Integrity. Ask about our FWS Protocol.

Biomedical Research Labs

BRL offers high-quality nutritional supplements to help animals reach peak performance through science and nutrition. Strong Profit Margins, Vet Rebate Program. Introducing our NEW BleederGard® respiratory formula, EPO-Equine® accelerates red blood cell production. UnLock® advanced muscle supplement helps maintain top speeds longer, prevents tying up.



Biovision Veterinary Endoscopy

Biovision's resilient NeedleView™ 1.2mm arthroscope (18 gauge) lets you do quick diagnostic or therapeutic procedures on standing horses with only mild sedation and a local block. Access and visualize the stifle, carpus, fetlock, hock, shoulder, coffin and navicular bursa. NeedleView™can compete with and complement your other imaging tools.


Boothwyn Pharmacy is a PCAB & ACHC Accredited Pharmacy, specializing in serving the specialty, custom compounding and veterinary patient. We maintain a state-of-the-art USP 797  compounding laboratory for sterile, non-sterile human and veterinary medications. Boothwyn Pharmacy understands the complex needs of horses as equine athletes. We work closely with veterinarians to formulate the appropriate strength and dosage that meets the unique needs of each animal. All of our preparations are custom made pursuant to a valid prescription. Please contact our pharmacy and speak with one of our pharmacists about which forms, formulas and concentrations are best suited for your patients. 


Botupharma was created in 2010 from the union of Brazilian veterinarians and scientists with a large experience in animal reproduction. Botupharma has a manufacturing sector that meets the most stringent production standards. All products are developed with support of international consultants and stand out for its excellence. Several worldwide scientific papers have shown that Botupharma's products, as Botu crio, Botu semen and Sperm filter, are high quality and innovative.

Bowie International, LLC

Sharing The Road to Excellence. Bowie and Porta-Vet, two innovative industry leaders have combined to bring you 12 different models of mobile clinics to choose from. Stop by our booth to see the latest in mobile veterinary clinic and portable X-ray technology.

Breeder's Choice

Breeder's Choice, your supplier for products in equine semen collection, processing, and shipping! Breeder's Choice offers a select line-up of equine breeding products through our online catalog at Our products, identified by industry leaders as the "best of the best," include the World's Best breeding phantom, microscopes, artificial vaginas, centrifuges, INRA 96 Extender, PAVESafe flooring, storage tanks, consumables and much more. We are confident you will appreciate our friendly, fast service and accommodating style.

Brown's Medical Imaging

Brown's Medical Imaging has specialized in the sales and service of medical imaging equipment for over 25 years. Offering new and remanufactured CT, MRI and Digital X-ray systems for the veterinary community. Equipment available for both large and small animal applications. ISO certified remanufacturing of CT and MRI systems. 

Bureau of Land Management

The Bureau of Land Management manages and protects wild horses and burros as authorized by the Wild Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act to achieve healthy herds on healthy rangelands. The BLM controls herd growth primarily through the removal of excess animals and the placement of those animals into private care.

Business Infusions

Equine Practice management software that manages leading equine practices around the world.

Butterfly Network

Butterfly Network has created the world's first handheld, multi-species, whole-body ultrasound probe for veterinary use: the Butterfly iQ Vet. This innovative device miniaturizes the full traditional ultrasound system onto a single semiconductor silicon chip- making ultrasound more affordable and easier to use than ever. Visit booth #111 to learn more.

Capps Manufacturing, Inc.

Capps Manufacturing is celebrating 26 years of manufacturing quality equine dental instruments. We take pride in our full line of American-made instruments and strive to provide the best customer service. Expanding and improving our product line to make your job easier is our main goal. Stop by to see what is new.

Card Calendar Publishing LLC


Cascade Wellness Technologies

Contrasting Thermal Therapy is a well-established method to promote healing and reduce inflammation. Cascade Wellness Technologies™ introduces VORTEQ®, the first robotic device designed for valued horses who have experienced injury. VORTEQ® temperatures can be programmed to alternate between 32 degrees and 115 degrees in less than a minute or hold constant. 

ChemoMetec A/S

ChemoMetec A/S displays NucleoCounter SP-100. It is considered the Gold Standard and provides accurate counting of sperm cells in ejaculates and extended doses (even frozen/thawed samples) in 30 seconds. It also measures %Viability of the semen and is therefore a tremendous help to successful breeding. It requires no calibration, no maintenance and is easily operated.

Chi Institute

The Chi Institute of Chinese Medicine is a leading continuing education provider of Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine (TCVM). With a main campus in Reddick, FL and program bases in Spain, Australia and China, we have proudly graduated nearly 5,500 licensed veterinarians in 55 countries and regions around the world since our founding in 1998. Chi graduates are now active and competent TCVM pratitioners in the U.S., Canada, Central and South America, Europe, Australia, Asia and Africa.

Christian Veterinary Mission

Christian Veterinary Mission exists to share the love of Christ through veterinary medicine. Working in communities worldwide, CVM equips and encourages veterinary professionals and students to build relationships with others through the use of their veterinary knowledge and skills so that lives are transformed.

Clarius Mobile Health

Clarius offers best-in-class ultrasound image quality in affordable wireless scanners designed for equine medicine. Get ultra-high definition imaging on your iOS or Android devices for a better and accurate diagnosis. Wireless portability, No subscription fees, 3-year warranty, Unlimited users, Free cloud storage. 

Clipper Distributing

CLIPPER - Helping you navigate the veterinary market. Don’t get lost trying to navigate the animal health channel on your own. Let Clipper be your compass. Through unparalleled sales, marketing and logistics, we help manufacturers of all sizes bring to market and grow their veterinary product lines with record speed, ease and accuracy.

Colorado Serum Company

Colorado Serum Company, a trusted name in the animal health industry since 1923, is showing our equine line of biologicals which includes Purified Tetanus Antitoxin, West Nile Antiserum treatment, Pulmo-Clear, Tetanus Toxoid, and Normal Serum. Come by for more information.

Core Imaging, LLC

From our #1 selling Piloter tablet ultrasound to our Philips EPIQ, Core Imaging has a solution for every imaging need, and we are committed to supporting you beyond the sale. Our CoreVu technology connects you with sonographers and customer service instantaneously. This is a must-see technology!


Dandy Products, Inc. offers a complete line of surgery, floor and recovery padding manufactured custom to meet your needs. Flooring of all types for stalls, exams, induction areas, surgery, recovery, barn and outdoor applications.

Diamond V

Diamond V leads in the research, development and delivery of unique microbial fermentation postbiotic feed additives for animal nutrition and health to achieve optimal production and pre-harvest food safety. Diamond V postbiotics are designed to address real-world challenges in the diary, beef, poultry, aquaculture and companion animal industries. For almost 80 years, animal nutritionists and veterinarians worldwide have recognized Diamond V's leadership in research and development of microbial fermentation technology. Learn more at


Digatherm by ICI, provides advanced, industry-leading medical thermal imaging systems for large and small animal practices. Digatherm's portable, hand-held devices combine superior imaging equipment with the first veterinary-specific softare, allowing easy capture, analysis, and reporting of thermal data. Visual thermal images allow easy indentification of patient conditions that require further diagnostics.

Doctor Multimedia

We are experts in veterinary website design and veterinary marketing. We've worked intimately with veterinarians and veterinary hospitals of all sizes since 2010, providing them with cutting edge web solutions that turn the internet into an advantage for their clinics. We focus our website design and marketing efforts solely on the veterinary industry, and as a result we have developed proven campaigns that not only raise your bottom line, but enhance your clients' experience with you as well.

Dr. Fritz Endoscopes

Dragon Veterinary

Dragon Veterinary is the leading voice-to-text software developed by veterinarians for veterinarians. It provides a fully-integrated solution that helps veterinary professionals navigate medical decision-making and treatment plans entirely by voice, allowing them to get back to their roots and spend more time doing what they do best: caring for patients.

Draminski SA




Reconnect, Rebalance and Rehabilitate with ProSix. The only therapeutic wrap to surround the whole horse for optimal neuromuscular communication. Calming, balance, posture, enhanced proprioceptive awareness, strengthening, support, straightness, improved and balanced weight distribution. Rehabilitation from stall rest to full activity; turnout, groundwork, riding or driving. 


Elsevier empowers and educates healthcare providers with solutions in academic education and performance management. Visit our booth to discover how we are driving the delivery of high-quality, economically sound care through world-class content.

Elvation USA Vet

PiezoWave2 Vet shockwave therapy is a focused sound approach to treating musculoskeletal injuries. This technology promotes healing, function, and mobility. The PiezoWave2 Vet gives clinicians the opportunity to avoid sedation, eliminate loud treatment noise and has a low cost of equipment maintenance. 

Enso Discoveries


Enviro Equine LLC

Aligning with its foundation of naturally-based products, Enviro Equine & PET offers Aubiose hemp bedding to keep your horses more comfortable and healthier. Chemical-free and biodegradable, hemp bedding produces much less dust than pine pellets and wood shavings, which is perfect for horses and owners with respiratory and allergy problems.

Epica Medical Innovations

Epica™ Animal Health, a subsidiary of Epica International, Inc., designs, engineers and builds innovative, game-changing Equine Veterinary CT Scanners and Regenerative Therapy Devices for veterinary use. Epica™ delivers products that improve the qualityof care, safety, efficiency and profitability while increasing the oveall capabilities of the practice.

EQ Veterinary

EQultrasound is a revolutionary device for the treatment of soft tissue and musculoskeletal conditions in horses, acute and chronic. Our patented, low-frequency ultrasound therapy is totally painless and generates diathermy, intense acoustic effects and mechanical vibration

Equi-Fab Carolina, Inc.

Equi-Fab Carolina, Inc. has been providing horse owners, trainers, and veterinarians with nutritional products since 1997. Located in St. Matthews, S.C., Equi-Fab Carolina creates products for performance, recovery, maintenance, and anhi-drosis. Special distributor and veterinary discounts are available.


Equilume™ is a world leader in the research and development of light therapy solutions to assist the global horse industry in maximizing reproductive efficiency and performance. Pioneering research by company founder, Dr. Barbara Anne Murphy, identified the optimum light level required to advance the breeding season in horses. Equilume Performance Lighting is a unique system that comprises fully automated smart stable lights and mobile light masks designed to maximize health, and breeding efficiency.

Equine Blades

Equine Blades Direct Ltd are the UK's leading manufacturer and supplier of equine dental equipment, supplying practitioners globally. We're recognized internationally for selling the very best, yet competitively priced equine dental products, designed by equine dental practitioners. Our success has come from responding proactively to the needs of our customers.

Equine Dental

Trusted for over 20 years, EDI provides sales and service to providers of equine dental care, offering a wide range of products designed for beginner, advanced and specialized equine dental procedures. Exciting News: Equine Dental Instruments and Harlton's Equine Dental Specialties have merged to improve your experience. Visit us to learn more!

Equine Diagnostic Solutions, LLC

EDS is a premier equine specialty testing laboratory with extensive experience servicing equine veterinarians worldwide. Our primary focus is molecular and serologic testing for medically and economically significant infectious diseases, including EPM, strangles, equine herpes types 1 & 4, foal pneumonia, EPE, equine influenza and foal and adult diarrhea. Our commitment to excellence in testing and customer service is unsurpassed.

Equine Digit Support System, Inc.

We produce quality hoof care products for treating lower limb pathologies as well as preventing lameness and improving performance in equine athletes. Recent developments include the KrosschecK™ Leverage Testing Device and the EZBLOX™ X-Ray Boots. EDSS is also the producer and U.S. distributor for product lines that include the new FREEDOM Shoe, the adjustable EDSS treatment system, Natural Balance® Shoes, Centre Fit™ Shoes, Vulcan™ Shoes, Sole Support Impression Material, Steward Clogs, Glue-U® Adhesives, HoofTite®, DuraCornum and Red Horse Products.


The Equine Disease Communication Center works to protect horses and the horse industry from the threat of infectious diseases in North America. The communication system is designed to seek and report real-time information about equine disease outbreaks to help mitigate and prevent the spread of disease. Visit our website to sign up to receive disease alert email notifications.

Equine Eye Supply

We recognize caring for a horse with an eye condition is challenging. We believe equine owners and practitioners should have tools to help make eye care simpler and safer. It is our mission to aid in the protection of your horse's eyes and face without additional stress or complication.

Equine PRP, LLC


Equine Radiology Specialists

American College of Veterinary, Natasha Werpy, DVM, DACVR; Meghann Lustgarten, DVM, DACVR; Puchalski Equine, Sarah Puchalski, DVM, DACVR, Anthony DeRouen, DVM, DACVR, Stacie Aarsvold, DVM, DACVR; Inside Information, Kurt Selberg, DVM, MS, DACVR, Myra Barrett, DVM, DACVR, Kate Wulster, VMD, DACVR

Equine Sleeve

EquineSleeve is a flexible tubular leg covering made from a thermoplastic elastomer compound.  It is used for reduction of limb swelling, rehabilitation of minor lameness, protection during transport, postoperative support, wound care and more. EquineSleeve saves time, money and reduces waste while speeding up recovery time for the horse. This innovative product will be a new gold standard in horse leg care.

Equinosis LLC

The Equinosis® Q with Lameness Locator® biomechanical care platform is a non-invasive inertial sensor-based diagnostic to objectively measure lameness in horses. Based on 25 years of research at the University of Missouri, used in over 32 countries and 70 universities, the Equinosis Q is the gold standard for field-based lameness measurement.


EQUI-RESP, the leader in easy-to-use, affordable nebulizers. Scientifically proven. Patented mask fits most size horses. The ELITE is proven to handle bleeders, asthma, allergies, etc. Add our new Equi-Mist battery powered unit for field treatments. We give you the best of both worlds at an affordable price.

Equitarian Initiative

The Equitarian Intiative is a non-profit organization which supports local communities and equine owners by providing veterinary care and education for working horses, mules and donkeys in the developing world. Their global volunteer programs incorporate assessment, treatment and training to faciliate a sustainable impact on working animal welfare abroad.


Esaote North America is an Italian medical device manufacturer with a robust dedicated Veterinary portfolio designed to meet the unique demands of veterinary practice. Esaote draws upon almost 40 years of experience in providing scalable, fully featured diagnostic imaging solutions, including ultrasound and Dedicated MRI, without compromising superior image quality.

Etalon Diagnostics


Enova Illumination


Excellent Endoscopy has new and refurbished endoscopy products from Olympus, Pentax, Aohua and other manufacturers on display at affordable prices. These include 3 meter, 1.5 meter and 1 meter totally portable video systems. Fiber scopes with high definition cameras are also available. All endoscopes are sold with a 2 year warranty.

EZ Animal

EZ Animal Products is a family-owned business which began in 1995 and now has sales in over 70 countries. Geared toward making life easier for livestock owners, its products have revolutionized horse training and the small dairy industry. All products made and assembled in America. Booth #1524


Farrier Prodcut

Farrier Product Distribution is a wholesale-only distributor of farrier and related equine products. FPD has a dedication to the Hoofcare industry by offering the highest quality product lines, superior customer service and supporting educational programs. Products found here include but not limited to: Vettec, Hoofcast, Kerckhaert.

Fear Free, LLC

Fear Free provides online education to veterinary professionals, written by the most respected veterinary and pet experts in the world. Fear Free education helps reduce inquiries to veterinary staff and horses, improve the health and wellbeing of patients, create more manageable patients, and earn your clients' lasting trust and commitment.

First business

First Business Bank's Equipment Finance group, part of the First Business Specialty Finance, LLC, is a nationwide, direct lender providing veterinary practices with a wide range of competitively priced equipment financing options, including loans, leases and "bundled" packages. Simple credit applications, expedited approval in minutes- not days! Member FDIC.

First Source


Florida Association of Equine Practitioners

The Florida Association of Equine Practitioners (FAEP) is an equine-exclusive division of the Florida Veterinary Medical Association (FVMA). The FAEP's mission is to support the professional development of its members and to educate them on conditions affecting the equine industry as well as methods for improving the welfare of horses in the state of Florida. The FAEP offers world-class equine continuing education at two conferences: the Annual Promoting Excellence Symposium and the Annual Ocala Equine Conference. 


The Fluxergy Analyzer is the first stall-side PCR platform available for veterinary diagnostics: lab quality results in 45 minutes. Test swab and blood samples in-house and detect bacterial and viral pathogens. Come learn about our product pipeline that includes tests for S. equi, EIV, an inflammation panel, and much more.

Fovea Digital Radiography


Freedom Health LLC

Freedom Health LLC produces the SUCEED® Veterinary Formula, an advanced, veterinarian-exclusive once-daily health product, with the Healthy Gut Commitment veterinary colic expense reimbursement program. The SUCCEED Fecal Blood Test is a simple, affordable and non-invasive stall-side test to support the veterinarian's differential diagnosis of GI tract conditions in minutes.


FullBucket is the Leader for equine supplements focused on digestive care sold through veterinarians. Their probiotic-based product line covers Prevention, Optimization, Acute and Emergency Care, with special formulas for Foals, Adults, Seniors and Performance Horses. FullBucket is used by the most influential referral practices in the country. For every FullBucket sold, they give one to animals in need. They also provide a way for veterinarians to volunteer services in Central America during their week-long Giving Trips.

GH2 Equine Architects

GH2 Equine Architects, a specialty practice of GH2 Architects, LLC, is led by architects who are active equestrians and raise the level of sophistication, functionality, safety and efficiency of equine planning and design worldwide. Including small animal facilities, their expertise ranges from event centers to surgical centers and bio-isolation stables.


GLC Direct presents Actistatin Equine-clinically proven to maximize absorption and increase HA production in synovial tissues. Ask us about NEW Proactive ProBiostatin-revolutionary technology in probiotics! Let GLC improve your bottom line! Vet Exclusive. NO Internet competition! Buy direct or use MWI. Keep your practice profitable and your clients satisfied!

Grand Circuit Products, LLC


Graston Technique Equine


GVL®, founded in 2001, is the leader in providing easy-to-use, web-based solutions for animal health practitioners. GVL's intuitive platform enable users to quickly and accurately create professional animal health and movement documents. GVL uniquely connects veterinarians, animal owners, diagnostic laboratories and government officials to improve animal wellness and safety.

Hagyard Pharmacy

Hagyard Pharmacy is a veterinary specialty pharmacy. Founded by veterinarians, it understands the challenges of veterinarians. Hagyard's focus on innovation delivers solutions like the Hagyard Formulary App, the Resolvet by Hagyard equine supplement line, and specialty compounding services that collectively make us the center of excellence in equine health.

Hay Soaker The Murdoch Method, LLC

Hay Soaker- It's time to kick the bucket! Fully assembled, no electricity required. Bluetooth timer uses 2 batteries, programmable: 5 minutes to 24 hours. Attach hose to hydrant, program timer, fill with hay or hay cubes and walk away. When done your hay is soaked and drained, ready to feed.


Haygain is a science-backed horse health company. Haygain High Temperature Hay Steaming is proven to eliminate up to 99% of the dust, mold, bacteria, and other allergens found even in hay of good nutrient content. Haygain ComfortStall Sealed Orthopedic Flooring provides cushion for joint health and deep rest without the need of deep bedding.


Heska Corporation (NASDAQ: HSKA) sells advanced, diagnostic veterinary products designed with small animal and equine practitioners in mind. Accuracy, Ease of Use and Speed are paramount to Heska's offerings including the Element In-House Suite, Cuattro Digital Radiography and Ultrasound, and ALLERCEPT Allergy Testing and Treatment product lines.


Hilltop BioSciences has reimagined regenerative therapies, providing shelf stable regenerative matrix products that contain a broad spectrum of growth factors, cytokines, exosomes, extra-cellular matrix and microRNA. Our products contribute and fuel the regenerative process of boosting the bodies own immune response to help heal tissue stronger and faster.

HoofSearch (Hoofcare Publishing)

HoofSearch--hoof + research-- is your monthly interactive live-linked dashboard of equine lameness information. It updates you on new peer-reviewed research, thesis, proceedings and patents. Be informed about journal articles on biomechanics, diagnostic imaging, laminitis, and arena footing, plus racing, breed and sport-specific lameness; available 24/7 on your phone, tablet and laptop. 

Horse Dental Equipment

Since 2004, HORSE DENTAL EQUIPMENT, the world leading manufacturer of equine dentistry instruments, offers the most reliable and qualitative range of instruments (motorized equipment and PEGASOS instruments) in more than 90 countries. HDE also provides fast and efficient service through 14 Tech Centers, including the US and Canada. 

Horse gym



Horse Science

Freeze-dried and skeletal lower limb anatomy models, anatomy photo cd, and related books

Hubbard Horse Feeds



Welcome to the bold new world of ImmuBiome®. Like nothing else on the market today, ImmuBiome® caters to the demands of the high-performance equine industry, targeting specific issues associated with elite competition. Recognizing the link between gut health and immunity, ImmuBiome® nutraceuticals work directly in the gut, effectively strengthening the whole horse.  


Life is everything. It feeds us. It fuels our planet. It is us. That's why IMV Technologies exists: For life. Everything we do- every breakthrough, every innovation- is focused on what's best for life today and on ensuring the continuity of life. From assisted reproduction technologies to imaging techniques, our technology is here to create new life. is an online X-Ray parts store. Knowing the demand veterinarians face we try to make it simple to order online or by phone with one of our registered radiology technologists familiar with the use and functions of the equipment. We also sell new portable machines and digital imaging equipment.


The International Society of Equine Locomotor Pathology (ISELP) goal is to provide contemporary knowledge and techniques in the continually evolving field of equine locomotor analysis to better prepare the equine clinician to understand and manage lameness conditions in the equine athlete.

International Veterinary Acupuncture Society

IVAS has been setting the global standard in veterinary acupuncture since 1974. Our Certification Course in Veterinary Acupuncture prepares the veterinarian for integration of acupuncture into everyday clinical practice. Please stop by and ask when our next course starts and about IVAS membership.

iRay Technology


JD Medical Dist. Co. Inc.


Jerry's Equine Dental Tools

Jerry's Equine Dental Instruments was founded 11 years ago by owner Jerry Gaona. From humble beginnings of a home tool shop, our business has recently partnered with MAI Animal Health, to expand, develop and continue bringing you new, innovative products. We offer a wide variety of affordable equine dental instruments to customers around the world. Our goal is to provide the absolute best customer service available. Stop by and check out our new Equine Rig on display!

Jorgensen Laboratories, Inc.

Jorgensen Laboratories is known for high-quality veterinary surgical suture, instruments and equipment. See the Jorvet range of capital equipment, including the Tonovet, IRAP centrifuges and reproduction microscopes. Jorvet also offers the equine practitioner a wide range of emasculators, hoof care products and specialty instruments. You will want to see the HDE Equine Dental Power Equipment and the broad selection of equine dental instruments.

Kahm CBD

Kahm is a family-owned company that provides the best organically grown hemp products for horses, people, and pets. With a full line of CBD products, our quality and consistency is proven with third-party laboratory testing on every batch!

Kombat Boots

Kombat Boots specializes in providing horses and dogs with the necessary products designed to supply each animal with the proper nutrition to enhance overall health and maintain superior well-being.


KARL STORZ Veterinary offers a wide range of rigid and flexible endoscopes, hand instruments and video imaging systems for animals of all sizes. Our high resolution, versatile and compatible systems are available as portable units or as integrated operating systems, thus eliminating the need for multiple systems. KARL STORZ Veterinary has a dedicated sales and customer service team and offers hands-on Continuing Education seminars, making KARL STORZ the world leader in veterinary practice.


Kawell USA products promote the accelerated healing process in horses through multiple application methods. Our copper alloy horseshoes and inserts have anti-microbial characteristics that help fight issues such as white line disease, seedy toe, and thrush. Our non-toxic shampoos and sprays are formulated from plant extracts that have anti-inflammatory properties.


Kentucky Performance Products (KPP), maker of Elevate® and InsulinWise™, offers a complete line of proven supplements, scientifically fomulated, with high-quality ingredients. Our Wiser Concepts® ethical product line is designed to work with treatment plans to support healing and maintain optimal health. Wiser Concepts products are available through all major veterinary distributors.

Kilby's Equine Dental Ex Tools LLC


Formerly Focus-It, Kinas Medical Technologies provides modern shock wave technology: non-invasive, rapid healing, no side effects, portable equipment that can be easily taken to the barn. No sedation required! Therapy sessions provide successful relief of acute and chronic pain, restores painless mobility and stimulates bone growth and tissue regeneration

Lake Immunogenics, Inc.

Producer of USDA-licensed equine lgG products; HiGamm-Equi and Plasmune as well as Rhodococcus Equi Antibody. Our Antigen Select products allow the veterinarian to select plasma from horses immunized with Bot AB&C serotypes, Clostridium difficile, J-5 E coli, Clostridium perfringens and Rotavirus. Also available is our Enteric blend which includes J-5 E. coli, Clostridium perfringens and Salmonella. Put your trust in the leader of animal plasma antibodies. Call today, have it tomorrow!

Larch Hill Laboratory, LLC

Larch Hill Laboratory is a privately-owned, Coggins-only laboratory specializing in electronic and traditional paper coggins. We provide in-house laboratory testing, electronic Coggins certificates and 24/7 tech support, with fast, accurate, professional service. Our combined 50+ years in veterinary medicine enables us to cater to our clients' needs.

Larson Laboratories/XXTERRA

Larson Labs manufactures a successful line of horse products that solve specific equine needs. Xxterra is the topical paste made of zinc and bloodroot which can be used to treat equine sarcoids. Other products include the supplement Race Today®, which treats the cause of exercised-induced pulmonary hemorrhage in all horse athletes, as well as Equilytes®, the only electrolyte replacement that is veterinarian made, palatable, and acts within minutes.

Legacy Building Solutions


LEROY BIOTECH is the world leader in veterinary electrochemotherapy and the treatment of sarcoids with more than 300 clinics equipped worldwide. Electrochemotherapy allows in a few sessions to treat effectively and without recurrence all types of sarcoids (verrucous, fibroblastic, nodular, occult, mixed, malignant).

Life Data Labs, Inc.

Farrier's Formula®, the gold standard in hoof supplements. Farrier's Formula® DS Plus Joint delivers active ingredients to repair the hooves and joints. Other Life Data® products include Barn Bag® forage balancer, Life Data® Hoof Clay antimicrobial packing, Farrier's Finish® for hoof protection, Breeder's Formula® for dogs, and Compose® 2x for equine calming.

Livet AG

LiVET's goal is to improve animal health by bringing diagnostics closer to the patient. We develop molecular rapid tests for the detection of infectious diseases in horses. Based on our novel technology, veterinarians are able to get lab-quality results right on-site and within just 30 minutes.


The original levothyroxine sodium powder for horses was launched over 60 years ago by LLOYD, Inc. The Levothyroxine Powder monograph for USP was developed by LLOYD and today Thyro-L® (levothyroxine sodium powder), USP is the only equine levothyroxine sodium powder brand that meets the USP Standard. For use in horses for correction of conditions associated with low circulating thyroid hormone (hypothyroidism), LLOYD is the market leader. LLOYD research and development has resulted in pharmaceutical and nutritional products with the highest level of stability, safety and efficacy.

Longmile Veterinary PET Imaging

Manufacturer of MILE-PET®, the first Positron Emission Tomography (PET) scanner for early detection of limb injury in a standing sedated horse. LONGMILE is a division of Brain Biosciences, Inc.

LSU School of Veterinary Medicine

The LSU School of Veterinary Medicine is one of only 32 veterinary schools in the U.S. We are a community dedicated to improving the lives of people and animals through education, service and research. We Teach. We heal. We discover. We protect.

LubrisynHA Family of Products & Re-Borne

The LubriSynHA Family of Products is a team of experts who pioneer and develop safe, all-natural products that dramatically improve the quality of life for all humans and animals alike. We produce products for people, horses, small animals and livestock.

Magnus Magnetica, LLC

Magnus Magnetica's focus is on continuous research, development and commercialization of drug free, non-invasive Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field therapies for treatment of soft tissue indications and neurological disorders. We pledge to collaborate with medical, clinical, athletic and equine communities, improving care for the many patients and animals suffering from these disorders.


MAI Animal Health represents a family of manufacturers and brands servicing the animal health industry for over 40 years. We provide quality and innovative products for veterinarians and producers marketed through standard distribution and dealer channels in the U.S. and around the world. We now also offer retail sales through the merger with Veterinary Concepts®!

Medco Instruments

Medco offers a complete line of the finest quality Equine Extraction sets and Equine Surgery sets. Many new items are added to our lines. Daily specials are available so stop by our booth before making your final purchase. We will save you over 25% over our competitors. 

Meds For Vets

Meds for Vets has been compounding medications for Veterinarians since 2000. We compound generic and rare medications in large and small dosages, custom flavors, capsules, gels, injections, drops, ointments, powders, pastes, "simpli" tablets and so much more!

MG Biologics, Inc.

Mg Biologics is a veterinary biologics company specializing in ImmunoGlo (custom blended equine plasma), USDA-Licensed Antibodies, and Rattler Antivenin (neutralizes venom in rattlesnakes, copperheads and cottonmouths/water moccasins for canine and equine). Ask about our custom blends, antibody products and antivenin needs for your dog or horse.

MicroVet Diagnostics

MicroVet Diagnostics offers the latest, state of the art diagnostic equipment and imaging systems to enhance the medicine you practice every day. Our systems improve diagnostic quality; and your bottom line. Hematology with expanded parameters, chemistry systems with higher accuracy; immunoassay systems for progesterone and thyroid in under 8 minutes.


Midwest Veterinary Supply is a family/employee owned, full-line distributor providing products and services exclusively to over 9,000 clinics in 41 states. We proudly represent major manufacturers in the veterinary industry. Established in 1961, Midwest has 9 distribution locations across the country, all providing next day delivery. Our broad range of services include: biologicals, pharmaceuticals, equipment, instruments, practice solutions, in-clinic training and much more.


Nuclear scintigraphy is our specialty. We've developed an outstanding solution for veterinary medicine. Our Equine Scanner HR® speaks for itself: a professional system with high reliability, large detection field, incredible motion correction software (Paralyzer-Plus®) and beautiful image quality. See the next generation of scintigraphy.

MILA International, Inc.

For over 30 years MILA International has been a global leading provider of high quality, innovative specialty veterinary products for small and large animals. MILA is known as the gold standard for vascular access catheters, chest tubes, urinary catheters, feeding tubes, surgical drains and many other veterinary specific products.


Minitube USA, a subsidiary of Minitube International, offers a comprehensive, multi-species product line and a fully staffed equipment service center to meet any theriogenologist's needs. Our continued collaboration with leading reproductive physiologists, universities and institutes around the world enables us to be on the leading edge of industry development.


Since 1967, MinXray, Inc. has set the standard for excellence in portable X-ray equipment design and performance. Today, MinXray offers customized solutions in complete digital radiographic imaging for all veterinary applications. MinXray's portable and stationary systems incorporate the latest in digital technology and are designed, serviced and supported exclusively by MinXray. 800-221-2245

multi radiance

Multi Radiance super pulsed laser therapy devices treat a variety of common condition in Companion, Equine and Exotic animals. From relieving pain to healing wounds, our lasers offer a practice proven and research validated, non-invasive, safe and effective treatment option with no side effects - all at an affordable price.

Mustang Heritage Foundation

Nearly 50,000 wild horses and burros have been removed from public lands and are currently in holding pastures managed by the Bureau of Land Management. Through innovative programs and events, we've removed those animals from holding and placed them into homes. Over 16,000 mustangs and burros now have homes. 


MWI Animal Health, an AmerisourceBergen company, is a leading distributor of pharmaceuticals, biologicals, diets, equipment and supplies to equine, livestock and companion veterinarians and producers in the United States. Additionally, our associates routinely consult with accounts on critical business matters, including inventory management, operations and marketing. Learn more at

MXR Imaging, Inc.

MXR Imaging provides a wide range of Veterinary Imaging Solutions including CT, PET/CT, MRI, Ultrasound, Dental X-Ray and Digital X-Ray systems utilized in small or large animal applications. Standing and customized CT and MR and systems available specifically for equine practices. We offer the ESAOTE O-Scan, an affordable equine extremity MRI, and several digital radiography detector systems.

Nanric, Inc.

NANRIC was established to provide a link between Dr. Redden’s innovative concepts and the products that he uses for his equine podiatry cases. Our product line includes NANRIC Ultimates, Advance Cushion Support, Aluminum Rail and Rocker Shoes, Dalric Glue-On Shoes, Biotin100 and many more specialty items.

National Ultrasound


New England Horse Labs

Our mission at NEHL is to offer you the most convenient and affordable EIA and fecal egg count testing services while providing the best customer service possible. We offer same-day ELISA Coggins testing for veterinarians across the country; no matter how big or small your practice is. Contact us today!

NewLane Finance Corp.

NewLane Finance Corp., powered by WSFS Bank specializes in providing competitive and creative financing options for your capital equipment purchases. Let us put our 20 years of experience in assisting equine practitioners to work for you. Our process is extremely quick and our documentation is simple.


Improve your success rates in allergy testing & treatment by utilizing the most advanced technology available, SPOT Platinum™, provided by Nextmune US LLC. Take advantage of our Test and Treat program (91 allergens tested + treatment) for 1 low price. Let us show you how to use comfort therapies short-term then get off the rollercoaster of symptom management and on the road to real long-term allergy relief, with an up to 90% success rate. We've also developed tools to ensure your pet parent's success. Stop by and let us show them to you!

Noxsano Restore

Noxsano Restore is a smart wound dressing that delivers Nitric Oxide, the key natural mediator in the healing process by guiding healing during the phases of inflammation, proliferation, and remodeling to final wound closure. Our easy-to-use dressing delivers faster wound closure while preventing infection by generating nitric oxide at the point of use, restoring healing in acute and chronic wounds. 

Nova Biomedical

Nova Biomedical is a world leader in critical care testing. Nova's Stat Profile Prime Plus® VET features maintenance-free cartridges and MicroSensor technology for exceptional value in whole blood critical care testing. Tests include pH, PCO2, PO2, Na, K, Cl, iCa, iMg, Glu, Lac, BUN, Creatinine, Hct, Hb, SO2% and Co-oximetry. Prime Plus provides improved practice profitability through in-house diagnostics


Novidia Veterinary is a pharmaceutical lab with R&D and distribution expertise in equine health solutions. Zoetis has partnered with Novidia for the master international distribution of their laboratory diagnostic portfolio (excl US-CAN). We invite you to also discover our innovative patented gel pad with microcapsules delivery system. Visit our website to discover our innovations!


Bringing innovative, impactful products that add value to the practice of equine medicine for over 20 years. Nucleus is an independent and privately owned company focused on knowledgeable and friendly customer service. Our products include Noltrex Vet synthetic joint lubricant ( and the brand-new MedView digital video-endoscope series (

OCD Pellets/Doc's Equine

OCD™ Pellets (Optimal Cartilage Development) is a solution to your equine orthopedic problems. The breakthrough formula maintains, protects and restores bone and joints supplying pharmaceutical quality micro-sized isolates for better assimilation and absorption resulting in improved mobility and flexibility.

Orimtech Ltd


Pala-Tech Laboratories, Inc.

Visit Pala-Tech™ Laboratories to learn more about our newest high-quality, palatable products for use in horses, dogs and cats. Our objectives is to help improve dosing compliance and ensure complete dosage consumption which will generate better clinical results in horses and satisified clients. All products supported by our unique 100% Palatability Acceptance guarantee.

Parasight System

Push-button fecal egg count test for pasture animals, including horses, sheep and goats. Parasight Fecal Egg Count System is a validated low-cost test that is rapid, accurate, and automated- it eliminates the need for manual counting.


REDUCE PAIN and SPEED HEALING. Class IV Therapy Laser: an essential tool in modern equine practice. Lasers stimulate a photobiochemical cascade of events at the cellular level which relieves pain, reduces inflammation and increases microcirculation. These three events result in an accelerated healing and restoration of function within these tissues.


Come to the PetVivo booth to learn more about SPRYNG™ an OsteoCushion™ technology. SPYRNG is a veterinary device that mimics and reinforces articulating cartilage tissue for the treatment of osteoarthritis and other joint-related afflictions. SPRYNG is comprised of the same components and structure as natural cartilage to provide additional support, functionality and protection the joint. SPRYNG as an OsteoCushion™ technology offers vets a high margin product that further provides a cost-effective solution for the treatment of osteoarthritis and other joint related afflictions in horses, thereby enhancing the lives of horses and their owners.

Plasvacc USA Inc.

Plasvacc USA Inc. manufactures innovative plasma products that aid in saving animals' lives. We offer more USDA-licensed choices to Veterinarians - Equiplas® R and Equiplas® Plus. Our Plasma is the best on quality and reliability and conveniently available through distribution. We welcome custom and international orders. Please stop by to meet our team and discuss how we can help you this foaling season.

Podoblock USA

Podoblock USA is a supplier of a unique and inventive line of practical accessories for equine veterinarians, to make their job safer, easier and quicker. All products are based on more than 25 years of daily experience and are designed to last. Practicality and highest standard are our key words.

Poskom America (a United Radiology Systems, Inc. company)

POSKOM America (a United Radiology Systems, Inc. company) is the exclusive North American partner of POSKOM Co., Ltd., manufacturer of the most advanced medical imaging systems. We distribute, sell and support all POSKOM generator products in the United States and Canada through our authorized sales and service channel network.


Veterinary owned, Powerfloat is the leader in equine dentistry equipment. We provide a newly expanded line of reliable, lightweight, portable equipment for basic to advanced equine dentistry in any setting with any size horse. We are excited to showcase our newest model of the more powerful Powerline IV.

Precision Canada

With over 30 years of experience, Precision Canada specializes in manufacturing and servicing a wide range of Equine Dentistry, Farrier and Small Animal surgical tools. Our products are made of premium stainless steel and are also available in Titanium coating. The products are guaranteed to provide the best value for the money you spend. Our distinguishing factors are: Exceptional Customer Service, Guaranteed best value for money, Finest quality instruments with swift delivery times, Can make private labels and customize products, Items are also available with Titanium coating. 

Prisma Imaging

Prisma has developed a novel system that is capable of providing both digital radiographic and CT imaging of the entire anatomy of a conscious, weight-bearing horse. These improvements represent an opportunity to provide better diagnostics, performance, care and promote the health and welfare of horses compared to current imaging technology.

PRN Pharmacal

PRN Pharmacal, an employee-owned company, has been dedicated to developing specialized therapeutics that address the unmet, underserved and overlooked needs of the veterinary medicine community since 1978. Our commitment: quality solutions—as needed, when needed.

Prox Health


Pulse Equine

Pulse Equine enhances life by manufacturing industry-leading high-intensity PEMF systems that support overall equine, animal and human wellness. Our mission is to redefine the boundries in the PEMF technology field, by creating the most advanced products available and providing unparalleled customer support and world-class virtual training. 

Pulse vet

PulseVet is setting the standard in global veterinary shock wave technology. Their ProPulse® system provides clinically validated treatments for multiple musculoskeletal conditions. They are the Official Shock Wave Provider of US Equestrian Team Vets, NCHA, NRCHA, NSBA, Super Sires, and a Global Sponsor of ISELP. Visit for more info!

Pythium Technologies, Inc.

Pythium Technologies applies immunotherapeutic and immunoprophylactic methods in the treatment and prevention of Pythiosis (conditional license pending) and other diseases. Stop by to learn novel ways of managing equine, canine and feline infectious, autoimmune and inflammatory conditions. Now recruiting veterinarians to conduct clinical trials to demonstrate effectiveness against various maladies.

Ramard Inc.

Ramard's equine products are used by Olympic Equestrian Teams around the world as well as leading racing trainers and World and National Champions in every breed group. Our products are safe for use in any level of competition, and results are noticed very quickly without loading doses. Ramard is sold by veterinarians around the world.

RegenVET by Apex Biologix


Reproduction Resources, Inc.

Reproduction Resources and Reproduction Provisions are partners in the production, distribution and service of AI and ET equipment and supplies. We are now the exclusive distributor of all products available from Minitube International AG-Germany. Products include the Semi-Automatic Straw Filling-Sealing Machine, EquiPlus extenders, VMD-Z extender, the NucleoCounter SP100, breeding mounts, VIP Shippers, ET catheters, etc.

ReproScan Technologies

Our Mission is to provide simple, durable and affordable ultrasound equipment with excellent Iowa-based customer service. We offer equipment packages tailored to your practice's needs. Call us today to schedule your demo!

Research Associates

Research Associates is the manufacturer of Livatrope, for elevated liver enzymes, along with Azoturx, Cough Ease and other items for the equine veterinarian. Manufactured in America, Research Associates' products always come with a money-back guarantee. Visit our booth for free product samples and show specials.

Respond Systems Inc. (RSI Equine)

RSI Equine, a division of Respond Systems, Inc., has been manufacturing top-of-the-line laser therapy and pulsed magnetic field (PEMF) therapy systems for horses for over 30 years. Proudly made in the USA, RSI Equine's products are proven to reduce pain, decrease inflammation and accelerate healing.

Revo Squared LLC


Rx Loupes


Ryerss Farm For Aged Horses



Samsung is continually enhancing the image quality, specialized in features, and ergonomics for veterinary ultrasound, from the routine to the complex. Discover its astounding capabilities for efficient and effective care. Extend diagnostic boundries with the versatile HS60 ultrasound. The HS40 is a compact ultrasound system offering high quality image performance and easy-to-use features with enhanced workflow tools for exceptional care. 


Scratchpay is an award-winning fintech company increasing access to healthcare through immediate, transparent payment plans. We are the only "Care Now, Pay Later" provider in the U.S. and the fastest growing provider of financing in the veterinary industry. Now offered in 1 in 5 veterinary clinics across America.


Now in our 63rd year of manufacturing surgery tables, including the Shank's® Dorsal/Lateral Equine Table, Floor Model Surgery Table and Large Animal MRI Table. We also offer Necropsy Tables, recovery doors, foam pads, padded hoods and lifting hobbles. We pride ourselves on being an enduring presence in the equine veterinary industry.

ServiceVet Technologies


Silver Horse Care

Patent Respiratory System that is affordable for everyone! Easy to use, easy to clean, Comfortable for the horse. Our Chelated & Colloidal Silver has been tested to kill the five most common bacteria found in respiratory issues. Stabilize Biotic for Gut Health. Reseller inquiries are welcome!

Skoped Micro


Society for Theriogenology

Theriogenology encompasses all aspects of veterinary reproductive medicine and surgery. This includes the basic sciences of anatomy, physiology, pathology, and pharmacology, as well as all aspects of clinical practice related to male and female animal reproduction, obstetrics and neonatology. Visit us for information related to the Society, the American College of Theriogenologists or the Theriogenology Foundation.

soft ride

Patented Soft-Ride Equine Gel Comfort Boots: Use on Shod and barefoot horses. The various Soft-Ride deep-gel orthotics allow the horse to do subtle weight shifts, enabling him to find his most comfortable hoof angulation. Gel comforts horses suffering from laminitis, sole abscesses and fatigue in the trailer and at show facilities. Order online at or at (866) 763-8743.


Sontec offers headlights and loupes along with the most comprehensive selection of exceptional handheld surgical instruments available to the discriminating surgeon. There is no substitute for quality, expertise and individualized service. Sontec's vast array awaits your consideration at our booth.


SpectraVET manufactures a wide range of therapeutic lasers and photobiomodulation devices for veterinary medicine, physical therapy and rehabilitation of small and large animals. 25 years young, and still growing, SpectraVET provides the most reliable and best-value laser systems for your needs, and the expertise needed for safe, effective use.

Sports Innovation  

Sports Resource Group

Sports Resource Group distributes portable lactate testing equipment and supplies: Lactate Plus analyzers and supplies, and test strips for the Lactate Scout. These analyzers are accurate, inexpensive and portable, and measure blood lactate in 13 seconds or less. These systems are useful in both small and large animal practices.



Standlee Premium Western Forage

At Standlee Premium Western Forage®, we believe in putting the health and well-being of all livestock and animals first, by delivering the best nutrition and comfort through the highest quality homegrown forage. Simply put, give them the best so they feel their best!

STERIS Animal Health

Steris Animal Health leverages our engineering and technical excellence, knowledgeable support team and diverse product portfolio to offer dynamic solutions for today's veterinarians. Our unique portfolio of Spectrum Veterinary Instruments, Endo-I Veterinary Endoscopes, and GEPCO Veterinary Drapes and Gowns is a one-stop shop for wherever your practice takes you.

Stone Manufacturing and Supply Co., Inc.

Stone has been a family-owned and operated American company that has manufactured quality and innovative equipment for the veterinary and producer industry since 1932. That innovation continues with the introduction of new equine products and a cutting-edge line of antimicrobial products for all animals.

Summus Medical Laser

Our goal at Summus Medical Laser is to improve lives, not only through revolutionizing laser therapy, but by ensuring the success of our providers. We are relentlessly focused on developing the most advanced therapeutic lasers that provide a non-surgical solution for clinicians to treat pain, reduce inflammation and aid healing.

SURE FOOT Equine, The Murdoch Method

SURE FOOT Equine Balance Pads: Training, Rehabilitation and Improved Performance. They improve posture, proprioception, reduce stress, increase core stability and get horses ready to ride! Four densities for a graded progression. Feel the benefits for yourself. Stop by and stand on our Pads! When you want to be sure use SURE FOOT!

Swissvet Veterinary Products

Swissvet = Swiss Quality for your animals! 1. Swissvet is your partner for equine power dentistry. We distribute the TERAFLOAT and SWISSFLOAT and we offer service for TERAFLOAT, SWISSFLOAT and HDE (Horse Dental Equipment) instruments. 2. Swissvet is your partner for endoscopy. We distribute Dr. Fritz wireless endoscopy instruments and accessories from Germany.


TekCollect specializes in providing a full suite of revenue cycle management tools to equine pratitioners just like you, nationwide. Our programs are designed to reduce operational costs while improving your efficiency. Our fees typically run less than 5% and we guarantee results. Learn more by visiting us in booth 1133.

Tenda Horse Products

Bioabsorbable Tenda Heal Borate-Based Bioactive Glass wound care fiber, which releases boron, calcium, copper and zinc ions, performs as a nutrient-rich scaffolding that significantly advances healing and leaves little to no scarring. Antimicrobial, anti-fungal and anti-yeast, Tenda Heal has healed chronic and previously non-healing wounds in cases where other treatments have not.

The Equine Practice Company

The Equine Practice Company is an industry-disrupter in CE, built specifically for equine practitioners. Due to launch in 2022, find out how you can become a Founding Member. Ask us about the Business Mastermind group for small, solo and micro equine practices, improving profitability, optimizing efficiency and maximizing happiness in your life.

The Veterinary Dental Companies

The Veterinary Dental Company helps veterinarians to increase their skills, knowledge and confidence in equine dentistry. With nearly 60 online lectures ranging from the basic essentials through to advanced procedures, over 32 specialists and experts in their field have collaborated to provide a unique and unrivaled CE experience right from your mobile device. 

Trainer Magazine (Anderson & Co.)

North American Trainer is the quarterly magazine for the training and development of the Thoroughbred racehorse. It is circulated to over 8,000 racehorse trainers across North America and read online in a digital format by approximately 6,000 people per issue. The magazine includes articles on a range of veterinary subjects with a library of previously published material available on its website.


Trinity Portfolio Advisors

Trinity Portfolio Advisors are your practice succession experts. We focus on aligning your financial goals, both personal and professional, with your core values thorough a comprehensive approach. Don’t buy or sell a practice without talking to us first!

Triple Crown

Prebiotics, probiotics, organic minerals and yeast cultures are all nutrients that many feed companies are now advertising in their feeds. Triple Crown has been adding these for over 20 years. Stop by to see the latest feeding innovations years before the rest of the industry.

UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine

The No. 1 ranked UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine provides educational, research, clinical and public service programs of the highest quality to advance the health of animals, the environment and public health. Its teaching hospital is the largest and most advanced in the world and has residency programs in 35 specialty disciplines. The School offers DVM, MPVM, MS and Ph.D. programs.

Udder Tech Inc. 

Udder Tech provides quality waterproof workwear. Waterproof bibbed overalls, shoulder guards and many other items, they can be machine washed and dried. We also have a variety of bags and pouches. It started in 1994 with one item focused for dairy producers but has grown to a wide variety of items.

Universal Imaging, Inc.

Ultrasound and Digital Radiography Equine Veterinary Solutions. Leading the diagnostic imaging industry for over 43 years, Universal Imaging offers cutting-edge Ultrasound, Canon and Fujifilm Digital Radiography and IBM/Merge eFilm Cloud systems for today's equine practitioner. Offering superior technology, service and education, we're committed to meeting the needs of our customers, and their patients.

Universal Surgical Instruments

You don't have to spend top dollar to get the highest-quality German, USI (Midline) or Pakistan instruments. Be smart and don't be fooled by the competition. We have been supporting the veterinary industry for over 40 years by offering the best prices and attending most veterinary trade shows in the USA. Stop by our booth and check out our equine instruments, Jorgensen Products and MAI Products or call us at (877) 587-6278.

University of Kentucky Gluck Equine Center

The Maxwell H. Gluck Equine Research Center is the only scientific institute in the United States with nearly all faculty conducting full-time research in equine health and diseases. The mission of the Gluck Center is scientific discovery, education and dissemiation of knowledge for the benefit of the health and well-being of horses. 

Vet Rocket, LLC

Vet Rocket develops innovative software products for demanding veterinary applications. RocketPACS is a cloud-based solution for storing, viewing, sharing, and managing your DICOM exams. RocketPACS Radiology Information System is a workflow management system providing Modality Worklist and practice management software integration, including ezyVet cloud-based veterinary practice management software.



Vetel Diagnostics

Vetel will help you achieve the most accurate diagnosis possible with it market-leading imaging technology. Our new ULTRA HD DR Systems and industry exclusive Intellect™ engine provide the ultimate in image quality; performance and speed. Complete your imaging needs with our offering of digital endoscopy, ultrasound, thermal and dental products.

Vetericyn Animal Wellness

The Vetericyn Plus® VF family of products is poised to transform every aspect of clinical care settings. From surgeries to non-healing wounds and day-to-day skin ailments, Vetericyn Plus is available in both practice and dispensing sizes that provide a streamlined and synergistic approach to wound care that will elevate your expectations for healing.

Veterinary Books-Success Concepts

VTI-USA is the exclusive distributor of Respidox and Airjector vet products for medical transdermal therapy.

Veterinary Club

All AAEP members have access to our online portfolio of 400+ vendor discounts, free of charge, with no obligation. The Veterinary Club is a national Group Purchasing Organization (GPO).Savings in all categories of spend, save time and money. Contact; also on under My Member Profile/Benefits.

Veterinary Practice Transition

Veterinary Practice Transition is a non-profit which acts to preserve your independetly owned private practice by providing a simple, economical format through which the retiring practitioner finds a profitable exit strategy and the younger veterinarian locates an established, lucrative practice. 

Veterinary Transdermal, Inc.


VetGraft is a veterinary tissue bank dedicated to the prevention and treatment of equine musculoskeletal injuries. Our product, PulpCyte, is a revolutionary ready-to-inject stem cell particulate that is customizable to the horse's condition and is available next day. Over 3,000 PulpCyte injections have been used to date.

VetRay Technology by Sedecal

Vet Ray Technology by Sedecal, is the world's largest manufacturer of Veterinary-specific X-ray equipment. Vet Ray Technology has the top-selling small animal table for both digital and film applications and supplies a wide variety of large animal products ranging from Over Head Tube Cranes to portable digital equipment.


Vitalize® by BioZyme Incorporated® is a line of high-quality products and supplements for horses that contain BioZyme's precision prebiotics to support digestive health, nutritional health and overall well-being, keeping your equine partner healthy and performing.


ViziSites Inc. is a family-owned & operated website design and marketing agency catering to veterinary practices in North America. ViziSites is well known for being a top-rated, Certified Google Partner, that can digitize your business model via website architecture. Our state-of-the-art websites will help increase your revenue, improve practice efficiency, and elevate operations. Contact us to learn about our life-changing products/services: Custom Website Design & Branding, Mobile Sites, Online Patient Forms, Online Bill Pay Integration, Texting, Live Chat, Social Media, Blogs, SEO, PPC Marketing and more!

Vortech Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Vortech Pharmaceuticals, Ltd. presents the Fatal-Plus® family for classic euthanasia: reconstitutable powder and premix solution. Fatal-Plus® has an unparalleled track record of satisfactory performance and is used by the major humane societies and animal control agencies across the U.S. for superior product humaneness, efficiency, economy and reliability.

VUE Imaging

VUE Imaging's understanding of the veterinary and technology market, makes it the industry leading place for online equipment buying for the veterinarian. Vue Imaging/Better Look Medical provide new and refurbished digital radiography systems, ultrasounds, endoscopes, generators and more. You can't beat the quality and value of a Vue Imaging product.

Wedgewood Pharmacy

Wedgewood Pharmacy offers a full spectrum of compounded medications, ranging from highly-customized specialty medications to items that you need on your shelf. Over 80% of the nation's veterinarians enjoy our compliance-friendly dosage forms, industry-leading digital tools, account management team, rigorous quality standards, and an extensive formulary of over 40,000 preparations.

Wellness Ready

The Wellness Ready™ Insulin Test is a new stall-side blood test that allows you to instantly determine a horse's risk for laminitis. This potentially life-saving tool is ideal in managing horses prone to founder due to endocrine disorders such as Equine Metabolic Syndrome (EMS) and Equine Cushing's Disease (PPID).


Our company was founded by veterinarians in Lexington, Ky., who needed pharmaceutical solutions to serve the needs of their practice and patients. Since its inception, Wickliffe’s scope has grown nationally and has made an unparalleled statement in small animal and exotic veterinary practices as well. Our dedication to providing veterinarians with continued excellence is inherent in our products.


We strive to provide the top-tier data management solution for veterinary practices, no matter the size, from small mobile practices to large hospitals and everything in between. With our scalable packages and diverse modules, you will never need another data migration. Contact us for a free return on investment projection!


YuMOVE, the UK's #1 veterinary joint supplement brand, recently launched YuMOVE Plus+ Horse in the U.S. Its premium, natural high-strength formula makes a galloping difference in multiple ways: by soothing stiffness, supporting long-term joint health and promoting mobility in older, stiffer horses or horses in high levels of work.