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The AAEP has a comprehensive sponsorship program available exclusively to AAEP exhibitors. Below are just a few of the sponsorships available during the 2023 Annual Convention:

BINGO- Incentivize attendees to visit your booth and earn a stamp by including your company logo as a tile on each Trade Show BINGO card made available to all convention attendees at the registration desk throughout the 2023 Annual Convention. Cost: $900

BONUS BAG- Increase exposure and traffic to your booth by providing promotional materials for inclusion in a handy bag distributed to trade show visitors near the entrance of the 2023 convention trade show. Cost: $990 to $1900.

BIG SCREEN ADVERTISING- Deliver your message through a rotating 4-color advertisement on two 90-inch, hi-def monitors placed strategically in the AAEP Connect area of the trade show and within the convention center throughout the duration of the convention. Cost: $1500/ad

EDUCATIONAL & BUSINESS SESSIONS- Align with expert information that characterizes the session and further develop your company’s relationship through many exposure opportunities with the AAEP and its members. Cost: TBD

Contact Dana Kirkland at or (859) 705-0431 for more information. 

Advertising Opportunities
Exhibitors are invited to advertise in the Annual Convention Program and the AAEP’s monthly scientific journal, Equine Veterinary Education (EVE).

Why advertise in EVE?
Gain exposure to the most trusted veterinary professionals in the equine industry- AAEP members. The journal is mailed to approximately 8,000 domestic and international licensed veterinarians. Space is available in spread, full-page, ½ page and ¼ page options. 
As an added benefit and at no additional cost, advertisements will also appear in the digital version of EVE available on the AAEP website and in the members-only AAEP Publications App. Ad will link directly to a website if a URL is included within the ad. 

To advertise in EVE, contact Dana Kirkland at or (859) 705-0431