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The AAEP follows the rules/guidelines of the International Association of Exhibitions and EvBoothents

  • All booths are 10’ wide and 10’ deep

  • 8’ high drapes in the rear and 33” high drape for side railings; all drape is black

  • Standard 10x10 Corner/Inline Booths: all items 5’ or higher must be placed in the back 5’ of the booth (to maintain proper sightlines)

  • Island Booths: While there are no height restrictions, no part of the exhibit may hang over or outside exhibit perimeters.

  • End Cap Booths: An exhibiting company in an End-Cap booth configuration must have approval from Show Management and sign a form agreeing to End Cap regulations and booth display must be approved by Show Management prior to move-in. 

If there are any questions concerning height restrictions and booth configuration, please contact show manager, Debbie Miles, prior to the show.

Carpet Regulations

In an effort to maintain an attractive and professional environment on the show floor, we require all exhibiting companies to either rent or provide carpeting or approved flooring for their booths. Only the aisles in the exhibit hall will be carpeted. The convention center will provide basic janitorial services for the facility each night, which includes the aisle carpeting; however, individual booth cleaning will be the responsibility of the exhibitor. Nightly booth cleaning provided by Freeman is available for purchase in the Exhibitor Service Kit.

Drug Compounding Policy

Regulations set forth by the AAEP hold that only those compounding pharmacies accredited through the Pharmacy Compounding Accreditation Board (PCAB) will be allowed to exhibit, market or display their products at the 2023 AAEP Trade Show. If drug compounding is part of any company’s business and the company is not PCAB-accredited, that company will not be permitted to exhibit in the trade show. A copy of the accreditation letter/certification must be on file with show management prior to move-in. Additionally, products exhibited must be in compliance with FDA regulations with regard to compounded products. Any violations identified could result in immediate dismissal from the trade show and/or suspension from future participation.