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Recording your presentation with narration and video

For the 2020 AAEP Virtual Convention, we’d like you to turn your camera on while you narrate your presentation. It’s not too complicated – see below for instructions and tutorials.

Why video? Because we’re humans, and we like seeing other humans. There’s not a lot of formal research out there, but learning and retention seem to increase with the addition of the speaker’s face on video. 
Findings indicated instructor presence a) improved transfer performance for the difficult topic, b) reduced cognitive load for the difficult topic, c) increased judgment of learning for the difficult topic, and d) enhanced satisfaction and situational interest for both topics. Most participants expressed a positive feeling toward the instructor. From Does visual attention to the instructor in online video affect learning and learner perceptions? An eye-tracking analysis. Jiahui Wang, Pavlo Antonenkob, KaraDawson


How to record your video with voice-over narration on PowerPoint on a PC.

How to record your video with voice-over narration on PowerPoint on a Mac.

Do I have to use PowerPoint for my presentation?

No, there are several other powerful presentation applications available for use on both Macs and PCs. But PowerPoint is available cross-platform, and is relatively easy to use. 

If you’re a Mac user and don’t want to download the free version of PowerPoint, you can use Apple’s KeyNote. 

You can even record your presentation using Zoom. 

For more information on your options, and tutorials, see this page. 

Besides my presentation software, what else do I need?

You’ll need a working microphone, an internal camera or webcam, and a quiet, well-lit room.

What are some helpful hints or meta-tips that will make my presentation the best it can be?

You don’t have to be a presentation wizard to record your slide deck, but these helpful hints will help you make an effective and professional presentation.

I hate the thought of being on camera!

COVID-19 has pushed us all past our reluctance of appearing on camera. Here are some online and Zoom-related hints to looking your best


I still have questions!

For questions, comments and help with your presentation, contact Karen Pautz, AAEP director of education, at