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The following Core Concept sessions are available for viewing on demand beginning Dec. 1. To view the complete convention schedule of sessions, click here.


In-Depth: It’s Not Black and White: The Relationship Between Imaging Findings and Lameness

Sponsored by American Regent, Inc., manufacturer of Adequan® i.m., (polysulfated glycosaminoglycan) and BetaVet® (betamethasone acetate and betamethasone phosphate injectable suspension).

  • Significance of Radiographic Findings in Racehorses - Sue Stover

  • Diagnostic Imaging Findings in English Sport Horses in Relation to Performance and Lameness - Sarah M. Puchalski

  • How Imaging Correlates to Prognosis, Rehabilitation, and Return to Work - Lauren V. Schnabel

  • How Imaging Findings in Western Sport Horses Relate to Performance and Lameness - Myra F. Barrett


How-to Session: Feeding for Fitness

Sponsored by Cargill, makers of ProElite® Feeds – There can only be one best™.

  • How to Feed the Overweight Performance Horse - Megan L. Shepherd


Back to Basics:  The Acute Abdomen in the Field

Sponsored by IDEXX, the worldwide leader in veterinary diagnostics.

  • How to Interpret History and Physical Examination Findings of a Horse with an Acute Abdomen in the Field - Louise L. Southwood

  • How to Safely and Effectively Perform Abdominal Palpation per Rectum - Diana M. Hassel

  • How to Perform a Diagnostic FLASH - Cris Navas

  • How and When to Consider Advanced Diagnostic Procedures in the Field: Point-of-Care Lab Data and Abdominocentesis - Diana M. Hassel

  • How to Manage a Horse with Colic in the Field - Anthony Blikslager

  • How and When to Refer the Horse with Colic That is Not Responding to Medical Management - Louise L. Southwood

  • How to Help Your Client with Their Horse Following Colic Surgery: Expectations, Potential Complications, and Ongoing Care - Anthony Blikslager




Sponsored by Merck Animal Health, makers and manufacturers of Regumate®.


  • Review of Foal Heat Breeding Options - Patrick M. McCue


In-Depth: Neonatology

  • Neurologic Examination in the Foal - Monica Aleman

  • Quality Control: Genetic Testing in Foals - Carrie J. Finno

  • Hormones in Critically Ill Foals: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly - Ramiro E. Toribio

  • Diarrhea in the Neonate: Is There Anything Really New? - Nathan M. Slovis


Medicine: Non-Infectious Diseases

Sponsored by KindredBio, Best Medicines for Our Best Friends.

  • Practical Clinical Research Results to Consider When Testing for PPID in Horses - John C. Haffner


Imaging and Rehabilitation

Sponsored by IMV imaging, Ultrasound Designed by Veterinarians, for Veterinarians.

  • Deep Digital Flexor Tendinopathy in the Pastern Is Associated with Additional Lesions Within the Foot - Elizabeth Acutt


How to Manage Hoof Lameness II

Sponsored by Dechra Veterinary Products.

  • How to Recognize Foot-Related Lameness – Renate Weller


Current Concepts in the Endoscopic Evaluation of the Upper Airway

Sponsored by Endoscopy Support Services.

  • Endoscopic Evaluation of Nasal Discharge - Eric J. Parente

  • Clinical Indications for a Tie-Back Surgery


New Innovations and Timely Considerations in Equine Lameness and Surgery

Sponsored by Zoetis, "For Animals. For Health. For You."

  • Evaluation of the Local and Systemic Inflammatory Response to Anthelmintic Therapy: Is Killing Encysted Parasites Better? - Ashley E. Steuer