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Character of the exhibits is subject to approval by the Executive Committee of the AAEP. The AAEP reserves the right to refuse or revoke acceptance of applications for exhibits at its sole and absolute discretion.

Further, the AAEP reserves the right to close or request alteration of exhibits or parts of exhibits that are not germane to the practice of veterinary medicine, or that reflectTrade Show adversely on the character of the AAEP or its trade show or for any reason at its absolute and unqualified discretion. This reservation of discretionary authority applies to displays, signage, literature, advertising, novelties, souvenirs, conduct of personnel, etc. Show management may request alternation or dismantling of any booth that is in violation of the trade show rules outlined in this prospectus. 

Product Claims
Product claims made in the AAEP publications or booths must be in accordance with the standards and approvals of appropriate U.S. Government regulatory agencies. 

Drawings or Lotteries
Drawings are permitted; however, prizes other than company products or services must be approved. Requests must be made in writing and submitted to show management for approval. Exhibitors are responsible for notifying winners.

Literature Distribution and Signs
Posting of notices, demonstrations or samples or distribution of other materials to attendees by exhibitors is not allowed in any part of the convention hotels or convention center, with the exception of the exhibitor’s leased booth space. Dispensing of food and beverages may be allowed with permission/approval of show management. Show management prohibits the use of alcohol in booth space. The only exception is exhibiting companies may order alcohol through the convention center ONLY during the Trade Show Reception Hours (Thursday, November 30, 4:30-6:00pm). Show management has the right to shut down any exhibiting company that is found conducting business in the aisle or any part of the convention center and hotels. Contact Debbie Miles with any questions. 

Protection of the Building
Exhibitors will be held liable for any damage caused to property. No material shall be posted, tacked, nailed, taped, screwed or otherwise affixed to ceilings, painted surfaces, fire sprinklers, columns, fabric or decorative walls. The use of live animals within the trade show must be approved by show management prior to the event.

Whatever may be necessary to properly protect the building, equipment or furniture will be installed at the expense of the exhibitor. 

If any controversy arises as to the need or propriety thereof, the exhibit manager and the event coordinator of the San Diego Convention Center will be the final judges thereof, and their decision shall be binding on all parties concerned.

Fire Protection and Combustible Materials
All materials used in the exhibit area must be flame-proof and fire-resistant to conform to local fire ordinances. This includes drapes, banners, all decorative fabrics, poster paper, foam-core board, plastics and all other decorative material. 

Any exhibit, or parts thereof, found to be unacceptable to the fire marshal may by ordered dismantled and removed. Display vehicles must conform to state and city fire codes as it pertains to fuel tanks and battery connections. Vehicles that remain in the exhibit as part of a booth display must have the battery cables disconnected; gas tanks must be taped shut or have a lockable gas cap and may not contain more than 1/4 tank or 10 gallons of fuel, whichever is less. 

It is the responsibility of the exhibiting company to obtain necessary paperwork and permits from the fire marshal. Contact show manager Debbie Miles for more information.  

Please inform exhibit management prior to coming on-site if a vehicle is part of the display within your booth space.