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The AAEP Student Programs Committee is soliciting case presentations in a poster format from any student members of the AAEP for the purpose of display to all members at the Annual Convention. The presentation of a poster will allow students to present cases of interest to one another and other members. It will also highlight student involvement in student chapters and will allow students to demonstrate initiative to future employers. In addition, it will provide students the opportunity to formally present at AAEP and this might allow students to attend Convention with a more acceptable reason to travel to the meeting in the eyes of their college’s administration. Cases might include those seen in summer jobs, or at veterinary school.

Submissions are due to Sadie Boschert, Student Programs Coordinator: October 8, 2018 
Informing of acceptance and top 3 notified by: October 15, 2018

General Instructions:
1. Prepare your poster in PowerPoint format – the entire report should fit on a single slide. Download the PPT template here.
2. Use the of the following headings may be appropriate and make your presentation clearer: Signalment, History, Clinical Findings, Problem List and/or Differential Diagnoses, Diagnostic Testing/Plan, Diagnosis, Treatment Plan, Outcome, Further Reading. 
3. Make sure to identify the authors and the veterinary college you attend.
4. Pictures are acceptable provided you don’t violate copyright rules and provided you have owner permission to use them.
5. Submit your poster to Sadie Boschert at the AAEP office by the September 17 deadline.
6. Students with acceptable posters for print and the top 3 posters will be notified by email on or before October 15.
7. The AAEP office will print your poster for you in A2 format (594 mm x 420 mm).
8. At the AAEP Convention, your poster will be displayed in the annual Convention trade show for all members to read.

Click here for a sample meter board and FAQ.

If your poster is accepted, it will be on display during the student program and trade show. The top 3 posters will be chosen to present at Convention during the student program on Sunday afternoon, and those top 3 students will be given complementary Convention registration to attend and a $300 travel stipend.

Any questions can be sent to Sadie Boschert, Student Programs Coordinator at